LEAP (L)eadership (E)xcellence (A)cceleration (P)rogram

Get your edge leapTake the LEAP to reach the top! LEAP is the high performance program that combines key elements of Get Your Edge coaching and training to cultivate the leadership skills of your top emerging leaders and dramatically improve their results.

Empower your emerging leaders to make better decisions, work more efficiently and enhance their strategic leadership skills. Most LEAP participants can expect a 20%-50% increase in bottom-line results after just a few sessions of these specialized programs.

LEAP is a combination of Individual Coaching, Assessments and Group Workshops:

  • Coaching – One-on-one, in-depth appointments to discuss leadership style, current challenges and future goals and priorities.
  • Assessment – DISC and Emotional Intelligence reports will be utilized to provide benchmarks on improving leadership development.
  • Workshops – Get Your Edge presents various workshops such as Improving Communications Skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, Delegation, Strategic Leadership, and more. Most workshops are available to LEAP program participants at no additional charge. Schedule workshops into your calendar for maximum benefit of LEAP performance.

LEAP can completely customize the program to suit your needs, budget and timeframe. Take a LEAP in the right direction – to the pinnacle of your profession.

You select your high performers and we’ll do the rest! Call Get Your Edge at (603) 472-3821.