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What is Courage?

Courage is your strength, power or determination to meet daunting circumstances head on.

Improving Communication As Leaders

Bedford Community TV Presents “The Leadership Edge” with host Ted Gorski.  Ted is a Professional Leadership and Executive Coach from Get Your Edge with over 13 years of experience.  Watch Ted’s educational and informative video today on Improving Communication As Leaders.

What is Commitment?

What is Commitment? Commitment is the underlying force behind achievement. It is the single most determining factor as to whether you will receive all that is out there for you. Commitment is recognized by action. It is achieved without excuses, debate, or lengthy analysis. Commitment represents a defined sense of purpose. Contact Ted today to measure… Read More »

What is Confidence?

Confidence is your mental attitude of believing in, trusting in, and relying on yourself and your abilities. This is the greatest measure of your self-confidence.  Self-assuredness in your own power and personal judgment is a strong indicator of self-confidence. Contact Ted today to help find your K-Factor score.

What’s your K-Factor Score?

Did you know that The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) provides you with an overall score called your K-Factor®? The K-Factor® is a score that represents the total measure of your potential to be influential. That score encompasses all of the seven traits necessary for being influential: confidence, commitment, courage, passion, empowering, trustworthiness, and likeability. Contact Ted… Read More »